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What is a safe contractor and how do I get Safe Contractor?

Safe contractor or the Contractors Health and Safety assessment scheme is an independent certification that a company can receive based on meeting set Health & Safety standards.  Any company can apply to become a member of the scheme; all they need to do is be able to prove that they meet their legal obligations when it comes to managing Health & Safety through supplying relevant evidence.

Safe contractor is a member of the Safety Schemes in Procurement (SSIP) scheme, which means that as a member they will recognise the membership status of other accreditations.  This means in practice that gaining safe contractor accreditation will allow a company to achieve Safe contractor, SMAS or Construction line a lot simpler by supplying less supporting evidence through the “deem to satisfy” route.

At Safety Place we can help you not only get up to the standard required to pass your assessment for safe contractor or any SSIP, but also help you carry out the application itself.

What’s the process of getting it?

Safe contractor has different levels of membership all with varying requirements of evidence required.  Once you have setup your membership, simply let us know what level you are going to need the help with.  From here we will work with you collating the documentation, your relevant training and any other evidence for us to assist you with your submission.  After submission, your assessor will likely return with a few further questions and matter requiring clarification.  We will assist on these matters with the aim of getting you accredited and on to your next job.

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